The Next Four Years

I have many goals and objectives set out over the next four years to ensure Waterloo continues down the right path. While there are many, these are the key few I would like to highlight:

  • Protecting our Tree Canopy and maintaining our green spaces
  • Working with our BIA to clear snow off our sidewalks in the Uptown core
  • Building UpTown Waterloo’s first off-leash dog park
  • Bringing our core into the 21st century by providing recycling receptacles on King Street
  • Reducing vehicular traffic on our residential side streets
  • Work with developers in building up our core, while maintaining a hard line in respecting our surrounding neighbourhoods and historic properties
  • Manage the Silver Lake (Waterloo Park) and Alexandra Park renovations slated for 2019
  • Ensure we are being fiscally respectful of our taxpayers with logical spending priorities
  • Building a development plan for, Aging in Place by providing thoughtful development outside of the UpTown. This will allow for our aging population to stay in place, while alleviating development pressure on the core.
  • Continue working with our Economic Development team and UpTown B.I.A. to build and implement a new retail strategy to help diversify our businesses in the core
  • Rebuilding community relations with transparent city-based priorities and communication methods
  • Continuing to develop our active transportation infrastructure to help ensure better safety mechanisms and connectivity
  • Leveraging our city-owned lands to partner with developers, in order to build more affordable housing